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Photographer / Graphic designer / Artist

my story

I'm Lithuanian, started our new life in 2018 in my husband's homeland - Canada. I feel thankful every day for how blessed we are to live in the most beautiful part of this country - tiny and cozy Thetis island on the Salish Sea off the coast of British Columbia.

I'm a mom of three, former CEO (printing business owner - my first "business baby" since 2010 that is still successfully blooming and a graphic designer (working as such since 2005, when my passion to draw in the childhood turned into my lifetime profession after improving artistic skills in various art schools and graduation from Arts & Design in Siauliai University (Lithuania) in 2005).

After 15 years of work with visual arts, I was ready to change some angles and perspectives of my creativity. Rather than outsourcing raw material (photos) for my designs, I started to produce them myself. That's the shortest story of how I ended up (or started!) in photography as well 😍

Other interests and passions: Digital painting and drawing (graphic design) -

My main work tools are a DSLR camera, Cricut, Adobe Creative package, iPad Pro, Wacom, and all hand drawing/painting tools you can imagine that were used by artists before the 'digital age' :)

Living on the island helped me realize the importance of the connection between nature and human-like never before. So adopting plant-based diet and jogging was just another addition towards a more peaceful and balanced self.

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